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Hello world!

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog, Luxe by Proxy. Chances are , if you’re reading this you already know me (hi mom!), and if you don’t then you most certainly will get to.

Luxe by Proxy is my brainchild and first venture into the blogging world. It’s a chance to chronicle my inspirations, ideas, creativity, and thoughts all into this one spot on the internet.

I usually have numerous  ideas swimming around my head at any given time, on things like fashion, beauty, food , health, and decor. This is the place where I will put them into one, cohesive spot.

A little bit about myself: I live in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, my dog Kuchuki, and my cat David Bowie. I love Thai food, random trips to Ikea, ukuleles, and sunglasses.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog.

ready……set…….here goes nothing…..